20230903 google street view
For illustrative purposes only. Imagine walking a body down the road like that and seeing the Google car drive by you with all the cameras on it. Image Credit: Pixabay

San Francisco: A woman has posted a screenshot from Google Street View to Facebook that appears to show a man carrying a dead body on his bicycle in the US.

A user named Tami, shared a photo from 2019 that shows a man pushing a bicycle along Kent Street in Akron, Ohio. A long item appears to be wrapped in a grey tarp and tied to the bike at various points, reports the New York Post.

“My niece showed (a photo) to me and I had it saved to my phone so I decided to take a trip to Kent St. on Google to make sure he was still there. The picture is literally worth a thousand words,” Tami wrote on Facebook.

Social media users rushed to brighten the image, claiming to see "blood" on the man's boots. Others wondered if the photographs had been reported to the cops.

"He has a body!" one user declared. Another user agreed and commented, "Looks like a body".

"Imagine walking a body down the road like that and seeing the Google car drive by you with all the cameras on it," a third user joked.

Moreover, the report said that viewers claimed to have "cleared up" the image, with spectacular results.

"I cleared up the image. Definitely looks like blood on his boots!" one person exclaimed.

Another replied: "True but who knows what holds the living of a homeless man. Maybe a chopped-up body lol because I don’t see hips".

Some speculated that the man was homeless and riding his bicycle while carrying his tent.

“There was a homeless tent city over there for a few years. I’m guessing it’s a tent,” a user theorized.

“Let’s hope it’s a tent, not a body,” another user stated.

As of Thursday, Google has blurred the man’s face and the mysterious object pictured at 126 Kent St., the report mentioned.