Nuts at supermarket
And then, there’s that guy who slams me back on my feet when he sneezes violently all over the almonds nut that I’m carefully selecting at the hyper-market. Picture used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pixabay

I’m a guy who gets around a lot, and I mean a lot.

I enjoy eating out, I shop a lot and meet friends quite regularly.

Disclaimer: And I have my wife’s permission to do all this.

You get the picture?

But as a result, I am also exposed to all the crazy stuff that’s going on in the city due to the COVID-19 scare.

I see a lot of people wearing masks - surgical masks, disposable dust and filter masks and the grim looking black cloth face masks, like they are going to a protest march.

My friend, who is a manager in the major supermarket chain, says anti-bacterial sterilizers are flying off the shelves as residents grapple with their fears and the possibility of becoming a victim of the outbreak.

All this is ok, even if there is a theory that face masks are not effective and on the contrary could increase a person’s risk of contracting COVID-19.

They say ignorance is bliss and I kind of subscribe to that theory when I enter some restaurants, who appear to have no clue that the planet’s population are at risk.

It’s life as usual here and it kinda makes me comfortable and secure, for the time being.

And then, there’s that guy who slams me back on my feet when he sneezes violently all over the almonds nut that I’m carefully selecting at the hyper-market.

Excuse the pun, but that just blew it!

I turn on to him like a Rottweiler and just stop short of ripping his head off.

“What on earth was that!” I yell, forcing the little old lady hovering over the macadamia nuts to drop them and look at me in abject shock.

It did not take me long to realize that I was the bad guy here and not the bloke who sneezed into the almond tray.

I get a hold of myself and continue my attack on the foul man with the sneeze.

“You can’t do this, you have just contaminated all the nuts,” I say, trying to sound as forceful as I can.

It does not work.

The guy hits back telling me to mind my business. I hit back, he hits back, and the supervisor interviews like a boxing referee and separates us.

“All I’m doing is to point out that what he just did was unhygienic,” I offer the pathetic supervisor. “You should also try to raise awareness of public behavior in relation for the coronavirus in your supermarket.”

No prizes for guessing what happened, but my advice fell on deaf ears and the sneezer, old lady and supervisor walk away from me, probably thinking that I’m a real nut!