Dubai: Former Sri Lankan military head Sarath Fonseka, whose newly formed Democratic Party also contested the elections, finishing third, warned the TNA against being overambitious while negotiating with the government.

Fonseka, who commanded Sri Lankan troops in their annihilation of the LTTE, later fell out with President Mahinda Rajapakse and was even sent to prison on various charges.

Speaking to Gulf News, Fonseka said, “The TNA should remember our country has a unitary status. They must not try to work towards anything that can give people in the south any reason to be suspicious. They must look after the people’s welfare in the north, without creating any mistrust between north and south.”

According to Fonseka the government also had a responsibility, “The military finished the war. Now it is the job of the so-called head of state (Rajapakse), who rigged the general elections, to ensure that he does not create additional problems for the country.”

Fonseka alleged that, “The government tried to instigate communal sentiments and create mistrust between communities and religious groups to show people in the south that they are the savours of the country.”

Though the TNA’s victory would not be accepted by the majority of the population Fonseka insisted that, “The government must allow them to function. We can’t repeat the mistakes of the past. The leaders must not make political capital by instigating people.”