Parcel mail
Illustrative image of parcel Image Credit: Pxfuel

SYDNEY: A man in Australia who sent human waste to Hollywood actors Leonardo Di Caprio and Jared Leto was sentenced on Wednesday to a two-year good-behaviour bond.

Grey sent parcels from post offices around the state of Western Australia in February, a court in the town of Broome heard, and was found out after one of the packages ruptured and leaked onto a postal worker.

Public broadcaster ABC said Grey placed human waste inside 23 postal satchels, sent to the recipients as "valentine confectionary (sic)".

The 49-year-old pleaded guilty to five charges of using a postal service to menace, harass or cause offence, the court said.

Grey was born in the Philippines before moving to the United States and then Australia, ABC reported.

According to local media, Grey's defence lawyer said he had not intended to harass the actors but instead wanted to share his "passion for the environment".

A psychiatric report shared in court also showed Grey had a mental health condition that affected his impulse control, local media said.

Magistrate Deen Potter said Grey's actions had a "significant impact" on postal operations, according to ABC.