Australian expatriates fall for the lifestyle Dubai offers.

Symon Rubens
Managing Director, Terrapinn
I moved to Dubai nine months ago to open an office here for my Australia-based company Terrapinn. We organise business-to-business conferences for industries. This market is very exciting, there is a lot of interest globally to come to this region and attend conferences. I am from Melbourne and have lived in Sydney and Singapore. I live here with my wife Brooke and two children and we are expecting our third. I love the lifestyle Dubai offers and the fact my family can have an active outdoor lifestyle. What I don't like about Dubai is the poor level of service everywhere and I miss the live sporting events, especially my beloved Collingwood. I plan to live here for another five years — it is a good place to raise a family.

Marine Hicks
Marketing Coordinator, Tourism Australia
I came to Dubai in 2004 when my husband, Joel, was posted at the Australian consulate as trade commissioner and consul general. Joel left his position about a year ago and now works in construction while I work part-time with Tourism Australia. Dubai will always be special for me as my eight-month-old baby daughter was born here. I am glad we decided to stay as it is an adventure living here and a number of opportunities have been presented to us.

Len Patane
Consultant, RogenSi
I was transferred from the Sydney office to Dubai nine months ago. We are a global communication consultancy and offer consulting, training, development and coaching services to help firms achieve high levels of performance. There are a lot of opportunities in Dubai to meet like-minded people. I enjoy going to the gym, running and swimming. What I like about Dubai is the number of choices in eating out and socialising. It is an incredibly safe place to live and the crime rate is low. What I miss most about Australia are my friends and family and the strong sense of community.

Susie Macmillan
Partner, Da Vinci Marketing
I moved to Dubai from Sydney nearly three years ago. I used to work as the marketing director at Cisco Systems, but I am currently in a business partnership and run a marketing consultancy called Da Vinci Marketing. The great thing about Dubai is the scope for entrepreneurial opportunity. I love the fact that Dubai is such a dynamic and fast-paced city. It offers a great lifestyle and the expat community is very strong. My husband Simon Honeybone is a New Zealander, and he is the CEO of Palm Marine, designers and builders of luxury yachts and commercial boats.

Robyn French
Works in the hospitality industry
I have just moved to Dubai and am looking for a job. I have always wanted to live and work abroad. So a few months ago, when my friend decided to move here, I joined her. Another factor in my decision to move to Dubai was the fact that I turned 40 this year, and it was a now-or-never situation for me. I worked for LVMH in Sydney and am hoping to get a position in the hospitality industry here. I have been to a few restaurants in the Wafi Mall and at the Shangri-La hotel, which I thought were fantastic.