Lebanon corona screengrabs
Image Credit: Twitter

It's not just the Italians, people in Lebanon are singing in their balconies too, after a nation-wide shutdown was announced on Sunday to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Videos of people singing, including that of a family celebrating a birthday with neighbours joining in from their balconies and windows, went viral on Twitter and other social media channels.

People in the Lebanese town of Cornet Chehwan, were seen singing Egyption hit "Bent El Geran" from their balconies, filling empty streets with joyful noise.

Check this video out, of a deejay in a balcony was also shared on Twitter.

Lebanon declared a medical state of emergency, announcing a sweeping shutdown that included the closure of its airport and most public institutions and private companies as it looks to rein in coronavirus.

According to a Reuters report, Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad said Lebanon’s borders, ports, and airport would shut from March 18-29 and Lebanese were obliged to remain at home except for matters of “extreme necessity.”

Addressing a news conference after an emergency cabinet session to agree the measures, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said the steps would “no doubt” impact an already crisis-hit economy, but “people’s lives and health are more precious.”

The government decisions included the suspension of work at nearly all private companies, granting narrow exceptions for food industries and services nd calling people to work from home.

Lebanon, which is already hit by a deep financial crisis, said on Sunday the total number of coronavirus cases had reached 99. Three people have so far died.