Shirtless Egyptian Police Academy cops go viral
Shirtless Egyptian Police Academy cops go viral Image Credit: Twitter

In what people are deeming the strangest display of strength, a clip first shared on October 15 of shirtless recent graduates from the Egyptian Police Academy has gone viral online.

The video, shared on Twitter by @EgyProjects, depicted a parade of pickups, boats and armored vehicles all carrying the shirtless cops, who were showing off their strength, best poses and in other scenes, performed athletic feats in a Cairo stadium.

The recruits were seen rolling tyres, using sledgehammers to shatter cement blocks on their colleagues’ abdomens, performing forward rolls through hoops and pulling pickup trucks as fellow recruits do pushups in the back.

The audience, which Storyful, Ireland-based social media intelligence and news agency, reported included Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi, who also watched the policement zip-lining while wearing green overalls.

As the video was shared extensively online, many Twitter users were left confused while others were impressed. Some commenters exercised their sarcasm while commenting on the clip.

Tweep @expensivecare wrote: “Okay, so I just tried jumping over, off of, and into my car. All three unsuccessful, and I think I now need work cover. I’m obviously not cut out for Egyptian policing.”

Some were confused about why the officers were not wearing their uniforms.

Twitter user @hagar_mohamed3 wrote: “I couldn’t get the point of being naked!”

The video, which was first posted on Thursday, has been viewed almost 270,000 times so far.