Ramallah: In the latest ‘honour’ crime in Jordan, three men dragged their niece to one of their homes and assaulted her before slitting her throat because she had met her fiance to resolve their problems. The woman was engaged to the man she met, but her uncles claimed that the woman met him without the family’s permission and that she was gone for a long time when she went out to meet him.

According to the Ammon News site, the three men from the city of Al Zarqa in Jordan lured the woman to one of their houses by claiming that they would intervene to solve the problem. They also promised that her fiance be present at the time.

The girl quickly heeded the request and the uncle took her to his bedroom. At that time two other uncles entered the room.

A Jordanian daily said that the moment the uncles learnt about the meeting the woman had with her fiance, they decided to kill her in a family honour crime. It said that the woman was locked in the room and the three uncles stabbed her repeatedly until the uncle, whose house it was, cut her throat.

At that point the three of them left the room shouting that they had salvaged the family honour and that the woman who brought on the disgrace was already dead. They claimed that the woman was slaughtered in the method employed by the Daesh militant group — by having her throat slit.

The parents of the victim received the dead body of their daughter from Al Zarqa Governorate and with the help of some family members and a friend buried their daughter.

Jordanian civil society authorities say that a minimum of 25 family honour crimes are committed in Jordan annually.