Image Credit: Reuters

Damascus: The Syrian government's air defence systems intercepted Israeli missiles over the coastal province of Tartus and in central Syria, near the border with Lebanon, state media reported Sunday.

"Our air defences are intercepting hostile targets in the sky of Tartus and in the air of the Qalamoun mountain range near the Lebanese border," Syria's official news agency SANA said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said ambulances had rushed to the scene of the strikes in Tartus.

"Israeli strikes targeted military sites of the regime forces and Iranian militias are present in the southern countryside of Tartus, where several missiles landed in the vicinity of Abu Afsa village, and at an air defence base and radar in the area," said the Observatory, which has a wide network of sources inside Syria.

On Friday, Israeli shelling wounded two civilians in southern Syria near the occupied Golan Heights, according to state media.