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Cairo: Seven people, including a policeman, were killed in a gun battle between Sudanese police and suspected rapists in the state of the Blue Nile, local media reported.

The suspects were wanted in connection to a girl’s rape by gunmen in the state located in the south of Sudan. The incident triggered an outcry and calls for protecting women against abuses.

While attempting to apprehend the three suspects on Thursday, police were shot at by the suspects, drawing an exchange of fire, a security of-ficial said.

“During the operation to apprehend the three wanted persons, they re-sisted arrest and exchanged fire with the police force,” police chief in the Blue Nile Maj. Gen. Mohammed Salah Al Din told Assayha newspaper.

The shootout resulted in the killing of five civilians, one wanted criminal and a policeman, the official added.

Four other civilians and three policemen were also injured. The two other suspects escaped the scene of the fight.