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Dubai: A 30-year-old Egyptian football coach has been sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges of sexually assaulting a player in Helwan, Egypt, the Cairo Criminal Court announced.

It was reported that the accused raped the boy twice, the first time by threatening him with a knife. He committed the crime again by threatening the underage boy with assault videos.

In sexual assault cases, Article 267 of the Egyptian Penal Code provides a penalty of up to life imprisonment with hard labour in cases where the assailant is a guardian of the victim or her supervisor, or is working in home.

The law provides for a penalty of three to seven years’ hard labour for the rape of a person, male or female. Where the victim is under 16 or the offender is the victim’s guardian or supervisor or works in the victim’s home, the penalty is the maximum. Where both of these conditions are met, the penalty is life imprisonment with hard labour (art. 269 on penalties).