Asma Mahfouz’ blog urging Egyptians to march on Tahrir Square on January 25 caused a stir on networking sites. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Prominent activist Asma Mahfouz, one of the Tahrir Square demonstration's leaders, says she has received death threats from members of the ruling NDP party.

She told BBC Arabic TV: "I made a video asking people not to be scared, asking how long will we live in fear, that we should go to the streets and that there are plenty of men in Egypt, and we can protect ourselves from Mubarak's thugs.

"But now I'm getting many threatening calls from Mubarak's people ordering me not to leave my home, and saying that if I do I will be killed along with my family."

Mahfouz's impassioned blog urging Egyptians to march at Tahrir Square on January 25 went viral on social networking sites. Many are calling her video the blog that started a revolution.