Ezzat Al Alaili Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Veteran Egyptian actor Ezzat Al Alaili died on Friday at the age of 86, his family announced.

Ashraf Zaki, the head of the Actors Syndicate, said funeral prayers would be held after afternoon prayers from a 6 October mosque.

Al Alaili’s latest public appearance was in the 36th edition of the Alexandrian Mediterranean Film Festival last November, where the festival was held to honour the prominent actor.

He has starred in over 300 films, TV series, and theatre plays since the 1960s.

Al Alaili’s legacy includes many classic films like El Tareiq Ela Eilat (The Road to Eilat) and El Toot Wi El-Nabbout (The Berries and the Cudgel), as well as many appearances in Youssef Chahine’s films including Al-Ard (The Land) where he played a leading role.

Al Alaili was born on September 15, 1934, in the “Bab Al Sha’riyah” district of Cairo. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Theatre Studies in 1960. Ezzat has a son named Mahmoud who works as a dentist. He also has a daughter named Ragaa, who has a degree in law and is married.

In his early days, art was something of a dream for Ezzat as he had to take care of four sisters after his father passed away. He thereafter made his way into art and performed in several TV series, an example of which is “A’bd Allah Al Nadeem”. Amongst the stage productions in which Ezzat has assumed leading roles are “Dimaa A’la Malabis Al Sahra” (“Blood on the Evening Gown”) and “Ahlan ya Bakwat”.