Beirut: Prominent Syrian film producer Orwa Nyrabia has gone missing after trying to head to Cairo, an activist group said Friday, voicing fears that he had been arrested by the authorities.

Nyrabia, 34, was at Damascus international airport on Thursday for a flight to Cairo when his family lost contact with him, the Local Coordination Committees said, citing his family.

The LCC, which has a large network of activists on the ground, said that according to EgyptAir, “he did not board the plane which indicates that he had been arrested by the Syrian authorities”.

It was not possible to immediately confirm the report.

Nyrabia, who started out as a newspaper columnist, is an independent film and documentary producer who co-founded his own production company Proaction Film and a documentary film festival in Syria, according to the company’s website.

He has also acted, taking the lead role in “The Door to the Sun” which made the Cannes Official Selection in 2004, it said.