Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes. Image Credit: Reuters

Occupied Jerusalem: Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes inaugurated his country's Israel embassy in Occupied Jerusalem on Monday, making it the third nation to make the deeply controversial move after the United States and Guatemala.

Cartes and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the inauguration of the new embassy in an office park.

Arab League chief Ahmad Abu Al Geit last week blasted as “shameful” countries that are celebrating the opening of the US embassy in Israel in Occupied Jerusalem.

“It is shameful to see countries participating with the US and Israel in celebrating the former’s embassy move to occupied Jerusalem in a clear and grave violation of international law and (UN) Security Council resolutions,” said Abu Al Geit.

Abu Al Geit said the move “represents an extremely dangerous step” and “I don’t think the American administration realises its real implications in the short and long terms”.

“The Palestinian side feels that the United States has abandoned its historic role as a credible mediator in this conflict, after Washington unfortunately revealed full bias towards the Israeli positions which consistently contradict international legitimacy and law.”