Screen grab from TV interview Image Credit: Social Media

Cairo: An old Iraqi died in a Baghdad hospital while speaking live to a local television against allegedly poor health services.

The man railed against government health services and bureaucratic procedures in the interview with “People & People”, a programme broadcast live on the Iraqi private television Alsumaria.

“How can I be quiet?” he retorted as the TV host and a medical doctor tried to calm him.

“The people are suffering,” the pale-looking man added.

Before taking his last breath, the old man directed his criticism to the rulers of Iraq "Take us out of the streets (protests), let the government review themselves. I came here for a checkup and saw all this suffering. People are tired, Officials put God infront of your eyes and fear him..."

During the outburst, the man fainted and died.

Al Yarmouk Hospital , where the incident occurred, said the man was seeking medical assistance for an unspecified health problem he had suffered after Baghdad authorities had removed his store.

“The man tried to convey his suffering to officials through the TV. Minutes later, he collapsed and suffered a heart attack that led to his immediate death,” said the hospital in a statement, distancing itself from his death.

“He was not checked by any doctor before his talk to the TV station,” it said.

The name or age of the man was not given.

Iraq has seen mass street protests against the oil-rich country’s ruling class and rife corruption since October, prompting the government to resign.