Cairo: A son of Egypt’s toppled Islamist president Mohammad Mursi has been arrested for allegedly possessing drugs, the official Middle East News Agency reported Saturday.

Abdullah Mohammad Mursi, 25, was arrested along with a friend inside a parked car in Qaliubia north of Cairo, according to the report.

When searched, police found in their possession two cigarettes stuffed with five grams of hashish, said the agency. The suspects were being investigated.

There was no immediate comment from Mursi’s family. The Islamist leader is a father of three sons and a daughter.

In July last year, the army deposed Mursi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, after enormous street protests against his troubled one-year rule.

Mursi himself is being tried on multiple charges ranging from inciting protester deaths, conspiring with foreign organisations, a jailbreak and contempt for the judiciary. He and his Muslim Brotherhood group have dismissed the trials as sham and politically motivated.