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Dubai: A man has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed his divorced wife to death at a Sharia Court in Rusiefeh, east of Jordan's capital Amman, on Monday.

The victim was rushed to Prince Faisal Hospital where she underwent surgery but succumbed to her injuries, Police Spokesperson Col. Amer Sartawi said.

“The suspect was immediately apprehended and investigators began questioning him to learn more about the attack,” the police official added.

Sartawi added that police found a scissor with the man, which is believed to be “the weapon used in the stabbing incident”.

According to well-informed sources, the victim is believed to have suffered a stab to the heart.

“Attending physicians at the hospital tried to rescue the woman but were unable to save her life because of the location of the stab wound,” the senior judicial source said.

Criminal Court Prosecutor General Ihsan Salamat ordered the transfer of the victim’s body to the National Institute of Forensic Medicine for autopsy, according to a senior judicial source.

Salamat’s office also ordered that the scissor reportedly found in the possession of the suspect be sent to the criminal lab for further testing, according to the senior judicial source.

The prosecution office will summon the victim’s family members for questioning, the senior judicial source added.

“The case is now being treated as a homicide and charges will be levelled against the ex-husband based on the outcome of the questioning by the Criminal Court prosecutor of the suspect and other family members,” the senior judicial source added.