Ramallah: An aged Palestinian from the village of Al Jeeb, North West of Occupied East Jerusalem, has admitted to the Ramallah Court of First Instance that he was responsible for passing several plots of lands to the Israelis.

The 62 years old suspect, identified as A.Kh, has sold at least eight pieces of land to the Israelis - two which he inherited from his father and at least six other pieces of land between Ramallah and occupied East Jerusalem that he bought with Israeli money.

Sources in Ramallah said that the suspect has provided the Israeli buyers with all the necessary official documents to prove their claims to the lands.

The Ramallah court sentenced the suspect to eight years imprisonment, but the suspect’s old age and the official documents he provided to the court outlining the existence of a daughter with cancer that he sponsors at home reduced the prison term to five years of hard labour.

Ramallah sources told Gulf News that this collaborator is one of the most serious enemies to the Palestinian public and that his case has been followed by the Palestinian security apparatus, in particular Palestinian Preventive Security.

The sources said that the Palestinian security apparatus did not know when the suspect had sold the lands to the Israelis, who claimed full ownership to enable them to expand a nearby colony.

The children of the man were shocked with the actions of their father, but the sources stressed that none of them had been involved in this illegal business.

The children told Palestinian authorities that they were not aware of their father’s actions and that he was farming the land until the last moment.

The suspect’s sons stressed that they had not seen their father with money and that he must have hidden the money he made in a secret place.

They said that their father must have millions of shekels, vowing to dedicate their time to search for the money. Once it is found, they intend handing it to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to cancel the sale contracts with the Israelis and return their money to them.