Ramallah: Investigations are underway after a man was found tortured to death in the Jabaliyah Refugee Camp north of Gaza. The family of 41-year-old Eyad Al Madhoon accuses Hamas of being involved. The Interior Minister of the Hamas government, Fathi Hamad, is personally leading the investigation.

A statement released by the group says that they will not allow anyone to circumvent the law. The death of Al Madhoon has sparked fierce criticism from various legal and non-governmental institutions.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights reported three masked men entered Al Madhoon’s residence, violently beat him in front of his wife, then dragged him out of the house. Four hours after his disappearance his corpse was found near the Kamal Odwan Hospital. Hamas has denied any connection to the crime. Tamarod Gaza, a Palestinian youth movement created on the footsteps of the Egyptian Tamarod to end the rule of Hamas in Gaza, mourned Al Madhoon, declaring him a member and martyr and officially accused Hamas troops of killing him.