Muscat: A meeting to thrash out the final draft of the unity charter kicked off on Saturday in Salalah province by the members of the Libyan Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA).

The UN special envoy Martin Kobler and representatives of the African Union and Arab League have attended the meeting.

Fifty-six out of 60 members of the assembly have attended the meeting, which will continue for days.

Yousuf Bin Alawi, Oman’s Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, said that the coming days will be decisive for the reviewing of Libya’s future.

“Nations cannot be built by disputes and Libyans are capable of reviewing their constitution to get out of the ciris,” Bin Alawi told Oman state-owned TV.

A diplomatic source in Muscat told Gulf News that Oman will not interfere in the meeting and does not plan to have a representative there.

The source added that choosing Salalah, in the southern part of Oman, for the meeting, came to create a neutral atmosphere for all the Libyan parties.

The diplomate source added that all the parties chose Oman which has experience in hosting a number of such meetings on a regional and international scale.

Last week, Oman’s ambassador to Libya, Qasem Al Salehi, met the CDA members in Tunisia, according to a report in the Libyan media.