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Dubai: A Jordanian woman has died just 45 minutes after she learnt about the death of her Egyptian husband, local media reported.

The 42-year-old woman could not bear the loss of her husband and died of heart attack.

“I can’t live without your father. I will follow him shortly,” the mother told her daughters. Surprisingly, the woman’s words turned into a reality.

“What happened was a catastrophe and unbelievable. We are so sad and shocked. We thought what she was saying was just a reaction to her husband’s death, but her words soon turned into a reality,” one of the husband’s relatives said.

He said that the man travelled to Jordan to look for work where met the woman and married her. The couple stayed in Jordan for some time, then returned to Egypt and lived in Abu Kabir city ever since.

“On the day of incident, the couple had their dinner together with the husband’s sister and their children, then asked his wife to prepare him a cup of coffee. After a while, he went to his room to sleep, but suddenly fell ill, so the family took him to a hospital, where the doctor pronounced him died upon arrival,” the relative noted.

“We escorted him back to the house, in preparation for the funeral of his body to his final resting place but the man’s wife was in a state of shock and collapsed,” he said.

“She informed her family in Jordan of her husband’s death, and then said to her daughter that she would follow him shortly: “I will follow your dad in 10 minutes and she died exactly10 minutes after she spoke to her daughter,” the relative said.