Image Credit: Courtesy Petra news agency

Jordan is safe and stable, said King Abdullah II of Jordan on Wednesday. 

The country has again emerged stronger than ever after managing to nip all strife in the bud. Addressing the nation, King Abdullah II of Jordan, said that he opted to settle the matter with his brother, Prince Hamzah, and resolve things within the Hashemite family.

King Abdullah II said that his brother, Hamzah, pledged before the royal family to remain committed to the nation’s King, constitution and to put its interests above any other consideration.

“Prince Hamzah is with his family at his palace under my protection and care,” King Abdullah said.

He reaffirmed that Jordan comes above anything else and his responsibility is to protect Jordan and favour its security and stability above all.

King Abdullah said that he was shocked and deeply hurt, but opted to deal with the issue of Prince Hamzah within the family.

Prince Hamza vowed to be loyal to the path of his parents and grandparents for the best interests of Jordan.