The bodies of what Libyan officials say are those of civilians killed by western forces in a hospital in Tripoli on Thursday. Demonstrations in a number of neighbourhoods in Tripoli have been planned to free different parts of the city. Image Credit: Reuters

Abu Dhabi: Friday, Libyans across the country will gather to renew their calls for Gaddafi to leave power and pledge their support to the National Transitional Council (NTC).

Established on March 5 in Benghazi, NTC was born out of the aspirations of the February 17th revolution, which set up local councils to bring Libyan people freedom, independence and democracy as well as free elections.

Today's demonstrations are being organised in cities across Libya, however three major cities in particular, are expected to attract large numbers of people. They are, Tripoli, Benghazi and Tobruk.

According to a statement sent by the NTC, demonstrations in a number of neighbourhoods in Tripoli have been planned following several days of uprisings to free different parts of the city.

Tribal affiliation

"Tripoli is the epicentre of struggle, and the incubating mother for all Libyans, regardless of their tribal affiliation. Tripoli has a great responsibility in this time, and that's to stand against the past 40 years of corruption.

"We hope our battle against Gaddafi will be victorious. We are tired of the repression, and the arrest of women, children and youngsters. We ask God to offer us a coherent vision, and to bring us good leaders and bestow upon us the bounty of victory," said Dr Mahmoud Tarseem, an official spokesperson of the Tripoli local council, during his visit to Abu Dhabi.

The council representative added that the NTC is made up of merchants, physicians, engineers, men, women, youth. "We have people from different walks of life join our council, all with the same motto — we do not surrender, we win or die. We want a to end the oppressive and unlawful regime, and are working together towards establishing a Libyan nation based on a modern democratic constitution that respects human rights, justice, diversity, and moderation."

Following noon prayers today, representatives from a number of cities in Western Libya will speak to the people of Benghazi and pledge allegiance to the NTC.

The representatives were in Abu Dhabi, before travelling to Doha. Their visit to Benghazi is testament to the unity of opposition against the Gaddafi regime.

Liberated cities

In Tobruk, representatives and the general public from a number of liberated cities will gather to reiterate their support for the revolution and freedom from the Gaddafi regime.

All are invited to attend the events, which will last from Friday prayers through to around 7pm.

"The NTC reiterates its demand that Gaddafi relinquish power over the remaining parts of the country that remain under regime control Abdul Hafeedh Ghoga who stated that "time is up" for the Gaddafi regime," the statement said.