Palestinians throw stones at Israeli occupation soldiers police to protest the confiscation of Palestinian land by the Israeli regime to make way for the Israeli separation barrier in the occupied West Bank city of Beit Jala, near Bethlehem Image Credit: REUTERS

Ramallah: A senior Fatah official has publically come out in favor of a return to ‘armed struggle’ against the Israeli regime. His comments come as Fatah’s popularity has increasingly dwindled in the Palestinian street.

Mahmoud Al Aloul, Fatah Commissioner for Mobilisation and Organisation said Sunday that there will be a political declaration at the Fatah General Conference which will be held on November 29.

“The new declaration will redfine the identity of the Fatah cadre,” he said.

The four-point declaration is expected to completely alter Fatah’s approach to the Palestinian cause.

The new declaration says that resistance in all shapes and forms, is a legitimate right of all people living under military occupation, says Al Aloul.

Fatah would remain a liberation movement that aims to secure the liberty of the Palestinian people, he said.

Sharp differences have already emerged ahead of the November conference which Al Aloul blamed on an ‘international and regional conspiracy’ to ensure the group remains weak.

“The entire world wants to see an end to Fatah. They share a common interest,” he said.

Observers say that the new declaration could be a desperate play to stay relevant in the Palestinian street.

“We need to wait and see whether Fatah will actually apply the new declaration,” Palestinian political analyst Abdul Sattar Qassem, told Gulf News.

“Will Fatah have the courage to implement the declaration?”