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Photo for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Egyptian woman filed for divorce against her husband saying he was “disgusting”.

According to the woman, her husband takes a bath only once every month and does not brush his teeth regularly.

Speaking before the family court, the wife told the judge that she married him in a traditional marriage three years ago and that throughout the engagement period, she did not notice anything odd about her fiancé's hygiene, and when he used to visit her, he was well dressed.

However, after they got married, she found out that her husband was too lazy to take care of his personal hygiene, which led to unpleasant odours emanating from him whenever she approached him.

“At first, I felt embarrassed telling him to take care of his personal hygiene, yet things only got worse. He is even too lazy to take a shower and only took a bath once a month. I could not but urge him to take care of his personal hygiene but to no avail. In addition, he doesn’t work and depends only on my salary. This is why I want to divorce him,” the woman told the judge.

According to media reports, the court is still considering the case and a verdict is awaited.