20200915 top news arrest in goa
Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: In yet another crime shocking Egyptian society, a man allegedly raped his brother's wife with his consent "to humiliate her after suspecting her behaviour", local media reported. 

The incident, which took place in Giza, the third-largest city in Egypt, came to light after the victim filed a case against her brother-in-law, accusing him of raping her and filming the incident.

Immediately after receiving the report, Al Hawamdiya Police station formed a team to investigate the case, and found that the husband had a criminal record and was in constant conflict with his wife.

Extensive investigations also revealed that the husband was involved in the rape of his wife to humiliate her after he suspected her behaviour.

A video clip of the incident was found on the husband’s phone, and when confronted with the video, the two suspects confessed. The husband said that he had agreed with his brother to rape his wife in order to "humiliate her" after suspecting her behaviour.

The investigations also revealed that the crime took place while the husband was out of the house, where the rapist  sexually assaulted her by force and filmed the incident on his mobile phone.

Both the husband and his brother were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigations.