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Dubai: A total of 16 Egyptian doctors have been jailed two years each in addition to a fine of 100,000 Egyptian pounds after being found guilty of causing a little girl to lose her vision permanently, local media reported.

The victim’s mother said that she discovered her daughter’s loss of vision by chance, while she was turning the lights on and off, adding that doctors had neglected her treatment in the hospital nursery, and did not inform her of what she need to do.

She pointed out that the tragedy began in July last year, when she gave birth to twins, “Omar and Tasbih,” in a private hospital where both were placed in a private nursery. Omar passed away after a few days, while Tasbeeh stayed in the nursery for nearly two weeks.

And due to the high cost of the nursery inside the private hospital, the family transferred her to Qena General Hospital to place her in the nursery where she was received poor attention and was neglected by doctors.

The mother said that her baby stayed for 40 days in the Qena General Hospital nursery, and it was decided to discharge her afterwards, without being warned by the doctors that she must be seen by an ophthalmologist to examine the retina.

After discovering that her daughter is no longer able to see, the mother filed a case against the hospital where 16 doctors were found guilty and were changed with medical negligence. They were accordingly sentenced to two years each in addition to a fine of 100,000 Egyptian pounds.