Ramallah: Israeli doctors refused to refer a five-year-old Palestinian girl to Isreali hospitals after she was run over by a colonist in the village of Turamah in Hebron, Gulf News has learnt.

Sources said the Israeli motorist who ran over the girl reported the accident to Israeli medics but fled the scene immediately. The victim, Shahd Mohammad Ghannam, was crossing the street to her school when the colonist hit her and knocked her down.

The street was full of students, teachers and others who were all eyewitnesses to the accident, the sources said. The motorist stopped his vehicle after he hit the girl, allegedly knowing that he was speeding and that the accident was his own mistake. He called an Israeli ambulance and fled, the sources added.

When the Israeli medics arrived they administered first aid to the girl but refused to refer her to an Israeli hospital for treatment though she had suffered serious injuries and was in need of hospitalisation.

The ambulance, with the medics, left suddenly and the victim's family called for a Palestinian ambulance to rush the girl to Hebron Public Hospital where she landed in the ICU.

The victim's family has said they will sue the driver, and the Israeli medical authorities for refusing to refer the girl to a hospital for treatment.