Covid Coronavirus
The number of actual COVID-19 cases in Palestine is three times higher than the numbers being announced. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The number of actual COVID-19 cases in Palestine is three times higher than the numbers being announced, today, the Palestinian Minister of Health Mai Alkaila, has revealed.

Alkaila also said that the anti-COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Pfizer will be obtained by Palestine, pending approval by the World Health Organization, through the COVAX Facility that provides vaccines to low-income countries, such as Palestine, which is a member of this organization and has a representative in it, Palestinian News Agency (WAFA) reported.

Alkaila told Voice of Palestine radio that the COVID-19 infection is widespread and high in Palestine, especially in the Nablus and Salfit governorates in the West Bank, and that the numbers are much higher than what is being announced every day, warning that Palestine is on its way to a more difficult period if the situation continues as it is.

Shortage of testing kits

Palestine currently conducts around 4,000 tests every day, way less than previous times, mainly due to a shortage of testing kits and swaps.

She added that her ministry is working on finding solutions to the existing problems in dealing with the pandemic, such as turning some hospitals into isolation facilities, equipping them with beds, and training medical staff on dealing with the COVID-19 disease and patients.

She also revealed that there is a delay in the arrival of the seasonal flu vaccine to Palestine due to the manufacturer’s request to stop using the vaccine after discovering some faults in the production after it arrived at the regional distribution centre.

The Health Ministry had plans to inoculate the medically vulnerable Palestinian population with the flu vaccine before the arrival of the winter season in order to reduce the risk of people contracting the coronavirus disease.