Corona positive
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Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian threw his wife from the balcony of the 5th floor after she tested positive for the coronavirus disease, Egyptian media reported. According to Al Watan newspaper, the husband threw his wife from the marital house on the fifth floor, causing her severe fractures in the spine.

The newspaper quoted a security source that the man was arrested and allegedly admitted the crime was provoked by continuous marital disputes with his wife, which were worsened by the wife contracting COVID-19.

During a fight between the couple, the husband pushed her from the 5th floor and the victim fell to the ground, unconscious. The neighbors rushed her to the hospital for treatment, ” the source said.

The investigation team was unable to hear the wife’s testimony to determine the reality of the incident and its causes, as she was isolated after a spine surgery, the police said.

The man was referred to the Public Prosecution, which ordered him remanded in custody pending investigation and trail on charges of attempted murder.

Prosecutors will hear the testimony of the victim, once she was released from isolation, the source said.