Dubai: In what seems as a scale down in tension between the European satellite service provider, Eutelsat and the Hamas-run TV channel Al Aqsa, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday notified the management of the Palestinian channel that it will give it five days before removing it from the satellite beam unless the material was found to be in compliance with EU rules.

The ministry had said earlier that it would shut down Al Aqsa TV on June 17 for repeated violations of EU broadcasting policies.

The ministry said it has warned the management and the programme producers of Al Aqsa TV for spreading the spirit of hatred. The ministry action came upon a request from the EU.

Suhaib Shahadeh, director of Al Aqsa terrestrial channel, told Gulf News that the management of the channel was reviewing the observations by the French ministry and would try to rectify the points raised by the European committee in accordance with Palestinian laws.

He said all preparations were being made for a backup system which will enable the viewers to see its programmes around the globe.

"We are a nation under siege for more than three years and we don't spread hatred amongst nations in this region. We like to live in peace and our young generation love people around the world," Shahadeh said.

"Al Aqsa TV's programmes have a message based on the teachings of Islam which the management thrives to spread among other beliefs. It is not we who have assaulted Israel for the past 62 years. The situation in Gaza strip is unacceptable, Europeans should look at our programmes from this perspective if they want to judge us objectively. We can't stop contributions from viewers and commentators in spelling out the misery of the people in Gaza," he said.