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Dubai: A 74-year-old Egyptian woman has been arrested for allegedly beating her husband to death after 64 years of their marriage, local media reported.

The old woman is said have hit her 80-year-old husband with his crutch which led to his death due to a brain haemorrhage.

Police revealed that after a heated argument the man tried to beat his wife with his crutch. However, his wife  grabbed his crutch and hit him with it on his head. After he fell to the ground, the old woman panicked and called her neighbours to help take him to a nearby hospital. However, it was too late by then, the police said.

The Public Prosecution has ordered the body to be taken to forensic department to ascertain the cause of the death.

The wife initially denied her involvement in his death but later admitted that she had hit him w ith his crutch.The wife claimed her husband “called her many times but she could not hear him and that she was surprised when he charged at her and tried to hit her with the crutch".