Lebanon prison
An inmate's hand is seen as she grabs at her cell's iron bars in a prison in Lebanon. Picture used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Twenty-six prisoners escaped through a ventilation opening from the Jib Jenin prison in Lebanon’s Western Bekaa on Monday, local media reported.

The Lebanese security forces managed to capture one of the escapees, and efforts are ongoing to locate and detain the remaining 25.

Several prison escapes have been reported in recent months in Lebanon.

Last month, 18 prisoners escaped from Amioun prison in Koura, while 19 others escaped in October from the Fakhreddine barracks located near the Unesco headquarters in Beirut. Later in the same month, 19 inmates escaped from prison in Jounieh in the Kesrouan region.

In August, 30 inmates escaped from the Adlieh detention centre in Beirut via a window after clandestinely bringing a tool into the premises. Some of the escapees were later apprehended.