Dubai: A traffic prosecutor has asked drivers to be more responsible about the safety of their passengers following the death of a man who jumped out of a running car after its tyre exploded on Saturday morning.

The Asian driver has been detained for investigation because he is the one responsible for the safety of the two passengers jumped out of the sports utility vehicle while still in motion after its tyre burst, said Salah Bu Farousha, Head of Dubai Traffic Public Prosecution.

"Drivers should be wiser, more responsible and care for the accompanying passengers' lives and safety. Eventually, drivers are responsible and accountable for the car's safety measures," Bu Farousha told Gulf News.

"Regarding the accident, the driver told assistant prosecutor Jamal Shurafa, who conducted the onsite investigation, that the two passengers opened the SUV's back door and jumped out of the moving car. One of the passengers died immediately and the other sustained medium injuries.

"Although none of the other two passengers got hurt, Shurafa ordered that the driver be placed under provisional detention because he is liable for the passengers' safety. The driver is responsible for checking the tyres' safety and door lock system."

Four passengers were in the vehicle when the SUV's tyre burst on Nad Al Hamr highway towards Ras Al Khor around 9am. The car skidded to the right and hit a concrete barrier, said the chief traffic prosecutor.

On-site investigations revealed that one of the victims opened the rear trunk door before they both jumped out of the car.

"The driver claimed that the door was opened suddenly while he used his brakes and the car skidded before it hit the barrier and stopped. Assistant prosecutor Shurafa ordered the traffic committee to prepare a technical report and inspect the tyres and why the lock system didn't function. Further investigations and technical inspections will clarify the cause of the accident," added Bu Farousha.

Drivers should continuously check their vehicle's safety measures, he said.

Do you know all the safety rules when driving? Do you regularly maintain your car? What is the most common violation you witness on the road?