Dubai: Yemeni opposition announced the start of a popular open protest against the regime, in a meeting of the Joint Meeting Parties opposition coalition (JMP) Monday night.

The meeting took place at the Attorney General’s Office, where thousands of protestors gathered demanding the release of detained activist in connection with recent rallies inspired by the Tunisian revolt.

With head of the supreme council of the opposition saying in his speech “the time has come for the political parties to lead a massive protest against the corrupt and repressive regime”.

Abdul Malik Al Mutawakil added that the opposition ought to step up and lead popular protest against the autocratic rule of President Saleh reported Yemen Post.

Another leader in the coalition, Aidrous Al Naqib, called upon security forces to combat corruption in the state instead of oppressing people freedoms. “Saleh regime has failed to manage the country for more than 30 years, and now the time has come for the political parties to lead popular protest against this regime,” said Al Naqib.

Female activist Karman, who was detained few days ago on charges of organizing unauthorised demonstrations, was released at noon but she refused to leave the Attorney General’s office in protest against the continuous detention of others who supported her while in detention and walked in Karman inspired rallies.

Meanwhile, the JMP and its partners have warned the government of playing with fire, saying in a statement that the irresponsible acts of the regime will lead to unacceptable consequences.

Local, regional and international circumstances have changed, and also called on the preparatory committee for dialogue and the Yemeni people to continue peaceful struggle and hold various protest activities to regain rights.

Furthermore, it urged the military and the security forces to be cautious of being dragged into oppressing the people and stifling their freedoms, because such acts are unconstitutional.