Dubai: A number of senior Al Houthi and Iranian officials were killed in an Arab coalition air strike on the home of Ali Mohsin Al Ahmar in Sana’a, according to media reports in Yemen.

Sources said that that the air strike coincided with a meeting held between senior Iranian and Al Houthi officials, and therefore led to the high death toll.

Al Ahmar was a powerful military commander in Yemen who had served as an adviser on defence and security affairs to President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi of the internationally recognised government. The general was previously opposed to Al Houthis’ takeover of the country, and had his house raided by the militia last September. Prior to his alliance with Hadi, Al Ahmar was allied to his predecessor, ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has allied himself with Al Hoithis.

Preliminary statistics state that 98 members of the Al Houthi group were killed, and 45 were wounded.

The sources added that among those who were killed were senior Al Houthi officials inlcuding Saleh Ahmad Qarqash, Abdullah Ahmad Al Madani and Hussain Abdullah Aidha, in addition to an Iranian called Khouri Obaid Agha, as well as crew members of Al Maseera channel that belongs to the Al Houthi militia.

In Aden, the Saudi-led coalition has set up a field hospital to provide medical care for its soldiers in Yemen.

The hospital will be able to receive emergency cases and provide intensive care services that allow for quick interventions in severe cases. The hospital is comprised of various sections that are able to provide a host of other services, such as surgeries and CT scans, as well as a medical laboratory, dental clinic and pharmacy.