Riyadh: Saudi fighters are bombarding one of the forts, located east of Jebel Dukhan, believed to be a major base of Al Houthi rebels.

Saudi fighter planes bombed the border villages of Al Shaniq, Al Midfan, Al Mojdaa, al Jaia and Al Ghawiya. Huge quantities of weapons were found in abandoned trenches.

Dr Mohsen Al Tubaiqi, Director of Health Affairs in Jizan, told Gulf News that intensive relief efforts have been put in place for civilians fleeing the border region of Al Khoba.

"A medical team comprising psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and other specialists have been assembled," he said.

Safe passage

Meanwhile, Saudi and Yemeni authorities have been working diligently to secure the safe passage of Yemeni pilgrims who wish to make the journey to Makkah for Haj. Ali Al Kamily, head of the Markaz Al Tawal border checkpoint, said that the flow of Haj pilgrims from Yemen travelling across the border was not interrupted due to the military operations.

"More than 10,000 pilgrims crossed the border point over last week. More than 3000 pilgrims arrived at the border post yesterday," he added.