A man looks at a graffiti artwork painted by artist Murad Subay in Yemen's war-torn southwestern city of Taiz October 13, 2015. Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s ex-president, is working with Al Qaida and Daesh to carry out terrorist operations in Aden, according to Yemeni foreign minister Riyad Yassin.

He said Saleh, who has been working closely with Iran-backed Al Houthi militants to foment chaos in Yemen, is quickly running out of options after a string of territorial losses to Yemeni forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition.

“He is using his last card with Al Qaida to shake the stability of Yemen’s liberated cities,” Yassin said.

He warned that his attempt will fail ‘as it has failed in the past.’

In remarks to Arabic press, Yassin also accused Saleh’s forces as well as Al Houthis of blocking more than 20 containers of aid relief for Taiz.

Despite Al Houthi attempts, more than 90 per cent of aid has successfully entered Taiz, he added.

Yassin said there was an increase in ships carrying humanitarian aid toAden and that the embargo imposed by the Saudi-led coalition is against miltiary ships carrying weapons and not civilian ships carrying aid.

Most of the aid is from from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar.

On Tuesday, Yemen’s Minister of Human Rights, Ezz Al Deen Al Asbahi, praised the leading role played by the UAE in the country, especially its participation in the Arab coalition to support the internationally recognised government in

Yemen and the humanitarian aid provided to Yemenis.

In a statement yesterday to the Emirates News Agency in Cairo after his participation in a press conference held by the Arab Commission for Human Rights at the Arab League to review its report on Yemen, Al Asbahi said that the UAE played a great role in restoring full stability in Yemen. He noted that what has been done by the UAE, and the nation’s martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Yemen, emphasised the promotion of Arab unity.

The Chairman of Arab Human Rights Committee Charter Committee, Dr Hadi Bin Ali Al Yami, said that he regretted the serious humanitarian in Yemen and the daily suffering of the Yemeni people.

Dr Al Yami was speaking at the conference, which was devoted to presenting the report on a visit by a working team from the Arab Commission for Human Rights Charter Committee to Aden after its liberation.

Al Yami said that the report included important observations and conclusions about the great violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, pointing out that the team set recommendations to address the serious situation in Yemen.

The meeting reviewed the report, which was also presented to the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Dr Nabil Al Arabi, to review before a meeting of the Council of the Arab League.