Yousuf Bin Alawi Image Credit: AFP

Muscat: Yemen’s warring sides are willing to resolve the country’s years-long conflict, a senior Omani official has said.

“Regarding the situation in Yemen, all parties agree that it is time to resolve this conflict and end violence and destruction. There is a real opportunity to work on confidence-building measures through settling differences and thinking of the common interest,” Omani Minister of Foreign Affairs Yousuf Bin Alawi said .

His remarks come amid media reports that Oman is mediating indirect talks between Yemen’s Iran-allied Al Houthi militia and Saudi Arabia that is leading a military alliance against the Yemeni rebels.

“Oman understands the views of both sides and agrees with Saudi Arabia on the importance of the maintaining the security and the stability in Yemen and to defend and maintain its national security,” Bin Alawi added told The Washington Post, according to Omani media.

“Saudi Arabia and Al Houthi leadership possess many power cards that would lead to a comprehensive and final agreement that will end the conflict in Yemen,” he added without elaborating.

Yemen has been in the grip of a ruinous war since late 2014 when Yemen’s Iran-aligned Al Houthi militia toppled the internationally government and seized the capital Sana’a.

Months later, an Arab military coalition, co-led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, started a campaign in Yemen against Al Houthis at the invitation of the internationally-recognised Yemeni government.

The Yemeni militia has since fired hundreds of missiles and drones into Saudi territory, targeting key economic facilities.