190828 prince khalid bin salman
Prince Khalid Bin Salman. Image Credit: SPA

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Deputy Minister of Defence, Prince Khalid Bin Salman, says the Kingdom looks forward to a lasting and comprehensive peace in Yemen.

Prince Khalid said on his Twitter account Tuesday: “We look forward to a world enjoying peace in all its parts, and we seek along with peace advocates and our brothers in Yemen to reach a comprehensive and lasting peace through the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and the integration of efforts with the UN envoy for the success of his joint declaration proposal to end the crisis and the return of Yemen to its Gulf and Arab surroundings.”

In July, Saudi Arabia presented a mechanism to accelerate the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement between the Yemeni government and the Transitional Council through the adoption of executive points that include the continued observance of the ceasefire and stopping the escalation by the legitimate government and the Southern Transitional Council.

Also included in this mechanism were “the Southern Transitional Council’s announcement that it abandons self-rule; the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement; the appointment of a governor and security director for the governorate of Aden; tasking his excellency the Prime Minister of Yemen to form a politically qualified cabinet within 30 days; removing all military forces from Aden and out of the governorate; separating the forces of the two parties in Abyan and returning them to their prior positions; issuing the decision to form a cabinet representing equally the north and the south, including the ministers nominated by the Southern Transitional Council, and upon completing this step, the cabinet members will immediately start their jobs in Aden; and continuing to complete the implementation of all the points and paths prescribed by the Riyadh Agreement.