Mohammad Mouzahem Image Credit: Facebook page

Sana’a: Inspired by the video of Daesh burning to death the Jordanian pilot Muath Al Kasaesbeh, a group of boys set about re-enacting the atrocity in their Al Dahthath village in Yemen’s northern province of Ibb.

According to local journalist Mohammad Mouzahem, as many as seven boys recently entrapped a 10-year-old boy in a wooden cage and poured fuel over him. One of them acted as a Daesh leader sitting on a chair and gave orders to his operatives to set the boy on fire.

Arriving in the nick of time, residents were shocked when they saw the boy alight crying for help as his friends watched.

Mouzahem said: “The villagers took him to a local hospital where he received treatment for burns to one of his legs.”

Despite living in a destitute village where power cuts are frequent, Mouzahem said the graphic clip of the pilot reached the village via WhatsApp and mobile phones.