Visitors at the museum in Yanbu. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A group of visually impaired individuals has established a unique museum in Saudi Arabia’s Yanbu, designed specifically for blind visitors.

This creative museum not only features an array of artefacts but also provides training for visually impaired individuals on interacting with sighted people.

The project, known as the Museum of the Blind, was organised by the group to support and enhance the experience of visitors in Yanbu.

Each corner of the museum is introduced and explained by a blind person, creating a tailored and inclusive environment for visually impaired visitors.

According to Saudi TV, Mohammad Al Juhani, Head of the Association of the Blind in Yanbu, emphasised that the idea for the museum was conceived and executed by blind individuals themselves.

The museum houses a diverse collection of artefacts, and in addition to the exhibition, it also conducts training courses aimed at empowering the blind community to confidently engage with sighted individuals.\