Georgina and Reema
A combination photo showing Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, left, and Reema Image Credit: AFP/A video clip from Rotana Khalejia

Cairo: A Saudi woman, seen as physically resembling Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, has denied undergoing cosmetic surgery to look like Georgina Rodriguez and expects to get world fame due to the resemblance.

Reema Al Enazi, a young actress, has drawn attention in Saudi Arabia because of her seeming resemblance to the Argentine-born Spanish model.

Reema said in a TV interview that her followers asked her to emulate Georgina. “I expect our [physical] similarity to bring me world fame,” she told Saudi-owned TV Rotana Khalejia.

Reema added she wanted to see Georgina and “let her” judge for herself if she actually looks like her. “I’m an actress and can play any character, not only Georgina,” she added.

Reema said she has performed in a yet-to-be released film and a TV series due to be shown in the Islamic month of Ramadan due to begin in late March.

“I didn’t undergo any cosmetic surgery to be like Georgina. I only had two operations to remove cheek fat and a double chin. You can go and ask the doctor.”

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Reema said in a TV interview that her followers asked her to emulate Georgina. Image Credit: A video clip from Rotana Khalejia

Reema said she was initially surprised when some people stopped her in the street and ask her where Ronaldo is.

Earlier this month, Ronaldo arrived in Saudi Arabia to join Al Nassr club under a two-and-half-year hefty deal that made global headlines. He was accompanied by Georgina who attended his unveiling in Riyadh.

The 28-year-old medal captured attention with her appearance wearing a black abaya or a traditional female cloak at the ceremony.

Ronaldo, his partner and their children appeared together at the January 3 unveiling and waved to cheering fans who packed the Mrsool Park Stadium in Riyadh.

Al Nassr announced signing the 37-year-old striker until June 2025 in a deal that made him the highest paid footballer in the world.

His Al Nassr debut was delayed until January 22 due to a two-game suspension imposed on Ronaldo last year by the English Football Association.