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Wielding a sword, Cristiano matched his footsteps with the traditional dancers with a Saudi flag draped around his shoulders. Image Credit: Twitter/Cristiano Ronaldo/file

Dubai: Saudi Pro League club Al Nassr has shared a video that has taken the internet by storm. In the short clip, Portuguese football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen warmly greeting his fans in Arabic, saying, “As Salamu Alaykum” which translates to “Peace be upon you.”

The video has since then garnered significant attention, rapidly circulating on various social media platforms. This isn’t the first time Ronaldo, the striker for Al Nasr, has embraced Arab culture publicly.

Only a few days ago, social media users shared a video of Ronaldo donned in traditional Saudi attire, casually wandering the streets of Riyadh alongside a friend.

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Having amassed a global following, Ronaldo’s social media accounts reflect his worldwide popularity. Fans from various corners of the globe eagerly wait for updates from the football star.