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Cairo: Saudi police have arrested two young men for having stopped their car in the middle of a road in the capital Riyadh to take photos.

Police in Riyadh said they had arrested a Saudi and a Yemeni resident for having blocked traffic on a public road with their car, and violating public morals, putting other lives at risk.

Police also said the offenders had documented their act.

A police video showed the duo while one of them taking photos of the other as traffic on the road was brought to a standstill.

Police also released photos of them after arrest and said they would be referred to public prosecution.

The act has triggered an outcry on social media.

“These acts are repetitive. The penalty must be toughened so that others will learn a lesson and avoid these childish acts,” said one commentator. “They deserve the maximum penalty for their outlawed behaviour,” said another.

Saudi Arabia has recently toughened penalties for traffic offences to reduce road crashes.

Last month, the Saudi traffic authorities said that fines ranging from SR100 to SR150 would be slapped on motorists who fail to give a priority to pedestrians using their designated crossings.

Authorities also warned that using a cellphone at the wheel is an offence punishable by a fine of up to SR900, and driving a vehicle with unclear or damaged number plate is a traffic infringement punishable by fines of SR1,000 to 2,000.

Saudi media has recently reported several deadly accidents.

Earlier in August, six members of one Saudi family were killed in a car crash on a road linking the holy city of Medina and Al Mahd governorate.

In March, 21 Umrah pilgrims were killed and 29 others injured when their bus turned over in the south-western Asir region.

Traffic fatalities have dropped by around 35 per cent in five years from 2016.

The annual cost of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia is estimated at around SR11.7 billion.