Two men camp out by a fire in Tabuk during the snow. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Social media users flooded Twitter on Friday morning with pictures and videos of snow in Tabuk, a northwestern city in Saudi Arabia close to the border with Jordan.

Shaher Bin Atiyah posted a video on Twitter of huge layers of snow covering trees in Tabuk.

"Can you imagine? This is not Russia, or Italy or Norway," he posted.

Social media user Abdul Majid Al Sharif tweeted "By the grace of God" its snowing in Tabuk with the hashtag "Tabuk now".

Al Shareef Ziad shared a video of vast banks of snow as well.

"How beautiful is this white color?" he asks.

Fahad Al Shamal tweeted a picture of two men camping next to a fire with snow all around them.

He captioned the photo "this is my village".

Temperatures across the region, in fact, have seen a drop with rain reported in the UAE, hailstorms in Alexandria, Egypt and rain and snow storms in Lebanon and Syria.

Twitter user Ahmad Abo Elenen posted a video of an apparent hailstorm in Alexandria, Egypt.