Screengrab from a video shared on social media Image Credit: X/@r_alwadaan

Dubai: Local media in Saudi Arabia has widely shared a video capturing a heart-stopping moment where a car driver intervened to prevent another speeding vehicle from hitting a child in the middle of the road. Described as "amazing" and "heroic" by activists on social media, the footage showcases the driver's swift action to protect the child from harm.

In the video, the brave driver, identified as Abdullah Madloul Al Anzi, is seen driving his white car down a street when he notices a child walking in the middle of the road.

At the same time, he also spotted a grey car speeding in the same direction, veering dangerously close to the child's path. Without hesitation, Abdullah manoeuvres his car to intercept the speeding vehicle, preventing a potential collision, and safeguarding the child.

Abdullah humbly downplayed his actions, stating, "I do not see it as a heroic act, but rather a moral duty for any responsible citizen in such a situation." He emphasized that anyone in his position would have acted similarly, considering it their duty to protect the helpless child.

The incident occurred in Al Kharj, a governorate in central Saudi Arabia. Despite the damage to both cars and a repair bill of 5,000 riyals requested by the other driver, the overwhelming response on social media has been one of admiration for Al Anzi's actions.