Image Credit: Twitter

Cairo: Fond of a baby camel, a young girl has opted to rear the animal inside her house in Saudi Arabia in a rare, controversial act.

The Saudi Camel Club posted a video of the little camel moving inside the house, the exact location of which in the kingdom was not disclosed.

“A girl is raising a little camel in her house after she has loved and got attached to it,” the club said on its twitter, posting the video. “Share your feedback,” it added, triggering a mix of comments.

While some commentators praised the girl for her act, others were critical, accusing her of separating the little camel from its mother and arguing that it is better to keep the animal in its natural habitat: the desert.

Camels are a popular animal closely linked to heritage in Saudi Arabia. The animal has long been dubbed as the “ship of the desert”, being the lifeline for desert dwellers.

In recent years, the camel business has remarkably grown in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia annually hosts the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, the world’s such biggest pageant.

There are around 1.8 million camels with a market value of over SR50 billion in Saudi Arabia, according to official figures.