Shawq Image Credit: Courtesy: Sabq

Manama: A toddler aged 18 months in Saudi Arabia has barely survived a killing attempt by her brother who was influenced by slaughtering scenes he had just witnessed at a sheep abattoir.

The boy, aged three, had accompanied his father to the slaughterhouse in the Naseem neighbourhood in the Saudi capital Riyadh where he saw how sheep were slaughtered.

When he returned home, he seemingly wanted to apply the same process with his sister, Shawq, took a knife from the kitchen and tried to slaughter her, local news site Sabq reported on Sunday.

Shawq was rescued by the parents and the father took her to a local hospital where she was treated.

The father said that he had a guest at his home and decided to buy meat for the occasion. He took his son with him to buy a sheep and afterwards to the abattoir.

“As we were waiting for our turn, my son was standing with me and he saw how workers slaughtered sheep and skinned them,” the father said. “When we returned home, we were shocked to discover that he attacked his young sister and stabbed her in the chest and the neck in an imitation of what he had seen at the abattoir. Blood was coming out so profusely from Shawq that we panicked and we took her to hospital,” he said.

Online readers expressed their fury with the father for his “lack of common sense” and his “failure to assume his responsibilities after he took his soon to an abattoir”.

A commenter, writing under the moniker of Kayd, said that the father had committed a terrible mistake.

K.N., a blogger, said that the father should be investigated by the police for his terrible act.

“I seriously demand that the interior ministry conduct a probe into your case for you have traumatised a child and almost caused a tragedy in the family. You should be arrested for your abuse of children and putting them through terrible situations,” he posted.

Another blogger blamed the father for failing to appreciate the consequences of his behaviour.

“As I wish Shawq a speedy recovery, I wonder how the father could take his highly impressionable son to the abattoir. He should know that young minds become influenced very easily and will try to imitate others,” he posted.

Raad, another commenter, urged parents to be more careful where they take their children and to ensure they do not go through traumatic situations.